Affordable Backup Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ


Standby generators are solutions to power outages. Unlike portable generators, these generators are permanently installed to provide power backups. They can are powered by external fuel supply like diesel, liquid propane or natural gas and directly connected to the electrical panel. Connections to the electrical panel can be automatic or manual. A manual one needs to be switched on when the power goes off while an automated one will automatically sense during a blackout and fire up and switch off when electric power is available.


However, automatic ones will always cost more. Whether during storms or hurricanes or even normal power blackouts you will need to energize your home before things get fixed. You will need to charge your phone or computer, cool or warm your house, cook food or even power items such as water heaters, pumps, and refrigerator, thus having a backup power source is very important. Before buying a standby generator will need to decide which devices or items will require electric power, this is because some devices will need more power than others. The more the power needed the greater the size of the generator needed and hence the higher the cost.


However, in deciding which items need power, necessity items like refrigerators, water pumpers and heaters should be given a priority while devices like TVs which are not critical should be considered. Apart from the amount of power which is correlated to the size generator, you will need to know the source of power as some power source, for example, natural gas will require a plumber and an electrician to make sure that the generator is safely connected. Because fixing the generator to the electric panel requires an electrician or a plumber an extra coin on labor is also needed. If you need a Backup Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ call us today.