Emergency Backup Generator in Fountain Hills, AZ


That last wind storm took out all of the power lines for several miles near your home. Almost every electric pole was broken at ground level and the local electric company has ordered new poles and is busy restoring power. But it is going to take at least a week before power is restored to your home. If you don’t have a backup plan, all of the food in your freezer is going to spoil and you will have to deal with no lights or power for quite some time. This is when a backup generator can really save the day. Sure it is an inconvenient to have one and maintain sufficient fuel to run them, but it is a fact of life that you need a generator to be available when the power goes out.


On top of the fact that you might lose the power to the freezer, all that rain is causing the water table to rise and your sump pump needs to be running to avoid flooding in your basement. A backup generator could save you thousands of dollars in damages. With no home insurance, you really cannot afford not to have an electric generator available.


Call and talk to one of our client representatives today to arrange for an estimate and installation. We do not realize how dependent we are on electric power until the power is out for a few days. Everything from keeping our food fresh, to entertainment and family safety is jeopardized when there is no power. Consumers forget that they cannot operate their tools, their computers, pump gas and on and on. With a Backup Generator in Fountain Hills, AZ in place, you will have the peace of mind that when the power goes out again, your possessions and family will be protected.