Fountain Hills, AZ Kohler Generators




Since 1920, Kohler Generators have provided energy solutions all over the world. Kohler Automatic Generators were first delivered in places where there was no electricity, especially in the rural farms. Until today Kohler Generators have not diverted from their initial innovative spirit to keep our day to day lives going on. Fountain Hills, AZ Kohler Generators are meant to provide you with power through an outage. Kohler Generators are all about safety, convenience, and security to your home. Automatic Generators can bring light throughout a summer storm or when power is lost during winter. When there is power outage for a long time in your area, automatic generator saves you from relocating expenses. With Kohler Generator, no activity or comfort will be disrupted during the power blackout.


The best thing about Automatic Generators is that you don’t have to do anything for it to start. Everything about it is automatic. By the time your power goes off, the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) detects the voltage coming from the utility. When power decelerates to an unacceptable level, the ATS alerts the generator to initiate. ATS convey the power to the generator from the utility. Kohler Generator then powers your home until the service power is back. As soon as the utility power is back, ATS transfers energy back to the utility and then the Generator Automatically shut down and wait for another power outage.


 The Automatic Generator works twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to protect your home. Fountain Hills, AZ Kohler Generators has a device that is positioned at your ATS which indicates whether your power is coming from the generator or the utility. Kohler Generators are totally reliable. During their design and production, Kohler Generators go through hundreds of tests before they are delivered to homes. Kohler Generators have built trust all over the world. Hospitals, nuclear power plants, and even weather services believe in Kohler Generators.