Generac Backup Generator Scottsdale AZ


One of our happy customer in Scottsdale recently purchased a backup generator system and is now enjoying the 24hr autonomous backup power to their home!

Generac has expanded their service to cater to residential customers with their Propane and Natural Gas powered Generators.

in phoenix, we enjoy summer days that reach upwards of 115 degrees. It is on these extremely hot days that power outages can cause extreme discomfort! with a Generac Guardian seris generator, you will no longer be in the dark or without power on a hot summer day.

Ther beauty of a Propane Generator is the hassle free maintenance. Once installed the Generac Guardian series Generator is on standby 24/7 via an automatic transfer switch. This state of the art transfer switch will automatically start and transfer power to the generator and the entire process is automatic!

For more information on an automatic generator backup system in Scottsdale, AZ Check out our website or give us a call today at (480) 335-5551.