Great Backup Generator in Cave Creek, AZ


Construction work sites are often without any kind of power, especially in the early days of the project. While many contractors use power tools that are battery powered, they need to have a backup power generator available to power some equipment and to recharge batteries on site. Generators can be placed on the site or even in the back of a pick up truck and available to recharge batteries or run power tools as needed.


New home construction often will not have any power available in the home until the walls are closed in and the roof is completed. Even then power may not be available until the electrician has completed the wiring of the main circuit breaker panel. A Backup Generator in Cave Creek, AZ can be placed inside the home under construction to run power tools etc. Note that once the home is enclosed, these generators should be located outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Contractors also must remove the generator at night to avoid problems with theft.


Whether you are a framing contractor, a plumber, drywall contractor etc. everyone needs access to power on work sites. If batteries run down and contractors do not have sufficient extra batteries, they lose time and your project will fall behind schedule. Providing backup power to run their tools keeps everyone on time and the project on schedule. Our professional electric company provides back up generators for all types of situations including construction work sites. Call us today to request a quotation for Backup Generator in Cave Creek, AZ including emergency connection to the power grid if needed. We can help with decisions regarding location, capacity and features such as automatic start in a power failure situation. Call today for an estimate.