Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away in Tucson, AZ

Taking a vacation from the summer heat and monsoons is a popular choice among Arizonans. While the beach and cooler weather may sound ideal, your time away also leaves your home vulnerable during inclement weather.

Wide-spread and long-lasting power outages are possible when the winds and rains of the Arizona monsoons kick up. If you're away from your home when the electricity goes out, not only do the lights and security system go out, leaving your home vulnerable to vandalism or burglary, but the power to your appliances is cut off, turning the food in your refrigerator rancid. Homes with basements are also susceptible to flooding during heavy rains.

One surefire way to keep your home safe while you're away is a backup home generator. The generators of today are so technologically advanced that they hook directly into your home's main power supply and automatically turn on when your home's electricity goes out. They can power your lights, security system, appliances and sump pump.

Because of today's technology, and the reliability of backup home generators, you no long have to worry about leaving your home vulnerable while you're away on vacation.

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