Kohler Automatic Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ


Also called a stationery, permanent or whole-house generator, a standby automatic generator is wired into a home's electric system. A power outage causes the generator to turn on automatically through the use of a 12 volt battery. This generator system can be designed to power the whole home or only specific circuits of the home. Kohler Automatic Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ are rated by their kilowatt output. The professional electrician makes a list of all the appliances to be run during a power outage. He then adds up all the electricity that is required to start all the motors. In this manner he sizes the generator that will be needed for that house.


If you have a large air conditioning system, and a house full of appliances, you might need a 48 kilowatt whole home automatic generator. This sized generator would also be appropriate for a small commercial business. This is considered a big generator for most homes. It would be something you needed in an area where there were a lot of power outages.


It uses a 12 volt auto battery that is sold separately. It is a (Group 51) 500cca. A service disconnect switch is also needed and sold separately. This particular Kohler Automatic Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ has a General Motors Engine. It can be powered by LP or Natural Gas. It has a five year warranty. It is 90 inches long, by 33 inches wide, and stands 45 inches high. It weighs 1800 pounds and will need to be placed on a concrete pad – also an added cost. It is liquid cooled and enclosed in Aluminum. Under a full 100% load, it uses 8 gallons of LP per hour. Natural Gas is consumed at 757 cubic foot per hour during 100% use.