Reliable Backup Generator in Fountain Hills, AZ


Individuals who don't live in an area which experiences frequent or prolonged duration power outages, you may not feel a generator is a necessity. But before you push that thought completely out of your mind, you must consider all aspects of your home and life to make a certain decision about a backup generator.


For instance, if you or someone in your home takes a medication which requires strict refrigeration, a power outage could compromise that medication. Having a small generator which supplies enough power to keep the refrigerator running for a few hours or even a few days could be very important. Sure, the refrigerator will remain at a good temperature for some time during a power outage if no one opens it, but what if you must take that medication during the outage? That will release a lot of that precious cold air. Another item in the home to consider during a power outage is a sump pump. Without power, a sump pump cannot keep water from entering your basement, which could lead to flooding. Even brief power outages with downpours could lead to water coming up through the pump area and into your home. Having a backup generator just to run the sump pump is a very smart purchase.


A Backup Generator in Fountain Hills, AZ can also be a smart choice for the elderly. Extreme heat or cold could quickly compromise their health, so being able to run even a fan or small space heater might be imperative. Backup generators come in a variety of sizes and capacities. While you might want one to power your entire home, you might also want one for just one or two very important items within your home. Remember, even brief power outages could result in severe consequences.