Safe Backup Generator in Gold Canyon


Everyone is familiar with power outages due to storms, grid problems and hurricanes or tornadoes. They might not be familiar with the safe use of their brand new generator or their borrowed Backup Generator in Gold Canyon. These machines provide electricity temporarily. However, there are safety hazards involved in using them. Generators become hot and remain hot when turned off and cooling down. Fires can start from several things related to backup generators: 


Keep generators outside of living areas. Store fuel cans outside living areas and away from ignition sources like gas water heaters in garages. Don’t spill fuel on the generator while it’s hot or it could ignite. Turn off the machine and allow to cool completely before refueling. Use a heavy duty extension cord especially designed for heavy loads. Plug this directly into the generator to avoid fire.


It is colorless, tasteless and odorless, so you won't know it’s present. You’ll feel weak, with a headache, sick and dizzy. Move immediately to a fresh air source like a window or get outside. Do. Not. Hesitate. Death can result from CO inhalation. Ensure the machine is not inside a garage, basement, carport or any enclosed area. Place it away from windows and doors in which CO could enter. Buy a carbon monoxide alarm and move to fresh air the instant it sounds. Plugging a Backup Generator in Gold Canyon into a wall outlet will result in electrocution and shock, not only to homeowners but to neighbors and any electrical workers in the area. Grounded transfer switches installed by a qualified electrician should be used. Use only properly grounded (three pronged) extension cords plugged directly into the generator for safety.