Top Kohler Generator in Fountain Hills



People are no strangers to power outages due to storms. Nor are they strangers to portable generators. Today, however, an automatic generator will save the groceries in freezers and power a whole house. Let’s examine what a Kohler generator can do. They’re the size of an HVAC unit. They sit on a concrete pad outside the house. This permanent installation is hooked into the house's power supply, but runs on fuels like natural gas or propane. They come on automatically upon sensing a power outage and power a whole house for days.


An automatic transfer switch monitors the electricity entering the house. When an outage occurs, the ATS switches from grid power to automatic generator power. The Kohler generator's power indicator on the ATS tells homeowners if their power originates from the grid or the generator. The automatic generator switches back to the grid when the emergency is over.


Homeowners will tell the Kohler technician what needs power in an outage. Home offices, certain medical equipment and infants or seniors-specific things should receive power. Freezers and cooking appliances should receive power. It’s up to the homeowner what needs power. A Kohler Generator in Fountain Hills will handle it. This is no DIY job. It requires professional electricians and plumbers. Permits and inspections will be necessary. These professionals will know about building codes, too. The gas and propane companies will be involved. While this could get expensive, think how much more expensive it would be to restock food supplies, blown out medical equipment and possibly doctor visits for the infants and seniors we discussed above.