Tucson, AZ Backup Generator




The Tucson, AZ Backup Generator was created to backup the power in your home in the event of an outage. Most model run on gas, propane, or have the ability to switch between the two gasses. When you have a backup generator installed, the unit sits outside of your home, much like the A/C unit. It is tapped into the power coming in from your electric company, and it picks up the electrical workload if for some reason your power goes out.


This article will provide examples of amounts of electricity usage, and recommend how to pick a backup generator for your home, and hopefully take the guess work out for you. Choosing a backup, or standby generator for your home is an easy task. One simple math problem, and your done! To pick the correct size backup generator for your house, you simply have to look at what you will be powering in an outage. If you need to be able to run your A/C, follow these examples to find the appropriate kW generator.


Here are a couple of examples. 30 amp breaker, with a 36,000 BTU, 3 ton unit, you need a 16kW or larger. 40 amp breaker, with a 48,000 BTU, 4 ton unit, you need a 16kW or larger. 50 amp breaker, with a 60,000 BTU, 5 ton unit, you need a 20kW or larger. Generac is the #1 selling home Tucson, AZ Backup Generator at the time, and they have automatic operation, they connect straight onto your power, giving power directly to your panel, they can be hooked up to a gas line, if you have one, to prevent ever having to refill, and the company offers 24/7 - 365 day a year customer support.