Ways that our company can work on your Scottsdale, AZ home backup generator

Ways That Our Company Can Work On Your Scottsdale, AZ Home Backup Generator

A large number of homes have backup generators, which allows for them to have power in the event of an emergency. Here at Phil Stratton Electric we are able to help out homeowners with backup generators by installing soundproofing on their backup generator, and we can also offer regular maintenance work. We can even handle repair and installation work.

Soundproofing a Scottsdale, AZ home backup generator

Even generators that are designed to be as quiet as possible will still make a decent amount of noise. This is simply because a gas engine is loud, and the motors are not the same multi-cylinder design as car engines. We are able to prevent generators from making noise by installing waterproof blankets over the generator, and we can even put on special covers. The installation of soundproofing can allow for one to avoid making a ton of noise when the generator is running, and it can allow for a family to sleep while the generator is running.

Maintaining your Scottsdale, AZ home backup generator

We are able to offer regular maintenance service for backup generators. This will allow for one to make sure that the generator will run during an emergency, and it will also increase the lifespan of the backup generator. We are able to do such things as oiling the engine, and making sure that all of the electrical components are dry. We can also do such things as replacing spark plug, the belts, and the alternators on the generators. While doing maintenance work on a generator we can inspect the generator in order to see if any kinds of major repair work is needed on the backup generator.

Ways That Our Company Can Work On Your Scottsdale, AZ Home Backup Generator

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