Your Backup Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ


Deciding whether you or your company should invest in a backup generator is always a balance between several factors. One of the first questions most people ask themselves is how much is this going to cost me to purchase a generator and have it installed. They also want to know how to start it if there is a power failure and what maintenance it will need. We can certainly help customers answer these questions as well as install the generator for them at their home of place of business.


There are additional questions that customers should also consider before they make a decision to invest in a Backup Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ. For example, how often do they lose power and how long does it usually take the power company to fix whatever problem they have. Most companies and individuals can deal with a couple of hours without too much trouble, unless there are medical issues or your business cannot process customer orders etc. Then it becomes critical.


This brings us to the next question. What is the impact of losing power? It helps to be able to quantify the question in terms of cost to the individual or company in terms income dollars lost or added expenses. Employees unable to work, customer sales not being processed etc. are often good indicators. Lost food in freezers and refrigerators that can be quantified is another. General inconvenience is more difficult to assess, but sometimes this can be the most important factor. For example someone who needs electrical power for medical reasons will give the need for uninterrupted power a very high priority. We can help customers with these questions and others that they may have. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss a Backup Generator in Paradise Valley, AZ to meet your needs during a power failure.